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Shes bringing summer fashion straight out of Philly

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All Photography by 

Rick Jones


Please let the readers know where you're from.? 

I am a real city girl, Philadelphia PA

How long have you been in the modeling game? 


I been modeling pretty much all my life. Starting at 15years old with hair commercials. I been a part of the plus size family since 2014.


What's your nationality? 


I am African American 

Your journey into modeling started at a young age, and you've navigated through various aspects of the fashion industry. Could you share how your early experiences shaped your passion for fashion and modeling today? 

I remember rushing home to watch American next top model. Posing in the mirror using my hallway as a runway. mimicking Ms. Tyra banks. In middle school I started a girl group. We would do fashion shows at all the teen clubs in Philly. Showcasing my own designs. All my life fashion was my entertainment. I was either making clothes, modeling or styling


You mentioned facing challenges due to your curves early in your career. How did you overcome these obstacles, and what advice would you give to aspiring models who might face similar challenges?


In my earlier career I remember going to casting call and not booking. Some said too sexy, some said too curvy. I even remember getting booked for a big show and I was super excited. Then the event cancel. not because I wasn’t good enough but, because there wasn’t a plus size designer there to fit my size 12 curves. Heart breaking yes but I did stop trying.  I over came these obstacles by not faulting myself or my image. I decided to do research. The advice I will give and inspiring models is to do your research. Yes you want to be a model but what kind of model? There’s so many categories for this big title (Model) find one that fits you. Ever brand has a target audience and you might not fit the mold and that’s ok. Use that as practiced. For every No there is a Yes to match . Sometimes that No is a not right now or not for this brand. Be patient and do research. Years later that same show that cancel me due to no plus designers booked me and I got to walk for there 1st plus size collection. Best feeling was knowing I was opening other doors for women that look like me. 


Attending the NYC Plus Night Out Fashion Show in 2014 was a turning point for you. Could you describe that experience and how it impacted your career trajectory?


Walking into a room full of women of all shapes and ethnicities. Confident , bold and proud. It was just a recharge for my soul. All these years I been trying to force myself into a lane that wasn’t for me. Plus, night out gave me the confidence I was lacking. My reality was I might not ever be that size 2 model. But I still can enjoy my body Thru life journeys and still be beautiful, confident, curvy and in on the runway. 

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As someone who has walked in major fashion events like New York Fashion Week and District of Curves, how do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for these high-profile shows?

To prepare mentally and physically for high profile shows. I ask questions if need be and research the brand to identify their trends. This keeps me from over packing. Why pack hot pink shoes if the brand is gothic? normally the day b4 is my selfcare day. I will soak in Epson salt and light my candles. I like to try to clear my mind and relax my body. My model bag, makeup and light snack is packed. The night b4 so my day go smoothly. The preparation is what’s helps me show up. engaged, well rested and paying attention. The day of the show I eat light and hydrate. And practice, practice, practice. Give yourself learning room. Be open to constructive criticism. You might think you’re doing something, but not really doing it. Don’t take it personal.


Your involvement in choreographing fashion shows for the Philadelphia School District showcases your passion for boosting confidence in others. How has this role influenced your approach to modeling and your interaction with your audience?

This role has influenced my approach to modeling and interaction with my audience. By reminding me it’s ok to have fun, be creative and think outside of the box. 

Boosting confidence into children at an early age will help them find them self sooner. Many of us start off confident as a kid then Thur life changes our confidence deflate.  Some call it playing dress up and I call it an artistic outlet. While looking pretty lol.


Who is Ms. Glam Jones and where did the name come from? 


MS glam Jones is my alter ego. She is a lover of ppl, a creator, a fashion influencer and of course a fashion model. I created the name based off my daily life of people messing up my first name which is Sharia. I would just be asked to be called Ms Jones.The glam came from me always dolled up. 


When you hear the words fearless curves what comes to mind? 


When I hear fearless curves, I think of a woman who is unstoppable. She is not afraid of living in the skin they are in. Curves I think bawdy …


Dealing with PCOS and its effects on your body and confidence must have been challenging. How have you managed to stay resilient and maintain your confidence throughout your career?


Yes, Dealing with PCOS has been very challenging, But I learned the true definition of a self-care day. For me a self-care day, is just not answering my phone or no social media. Depression is one symptom I suffer with. and what helps me is. Taking off my wig, lashes and makeup. to love on me. Embracing my flaws. Soo if I disappear, I might just be having one of those moments. Where I need to love on me a little more. 

This year of 2024 summertime fashion madness everyone is bringing the summer heat, what's your summertime fashion looking like, what designers will you be rocking 

this summer? we hope to see those curves in some fearless curves apparel 


Summer 2024 fashion for me looks like affordable designer. I’m the girl that loves to bargain shop. But I’ll be rocking things that are comfortable and flirty. With lots of color. Adding more color to my summer wardrobe because black is my go-to. Fearless curves apparel is in my summer forecast so stay tuned.


What should the fans and readers look out for this year with "MsglamJones"? 


This year readers can look out to learning more about me and my journey in this industry. And keep and eye for this face in film . Acting is up next for me . I was just featured in a Tubi film last month. And I’m also featured in a film on Amazon. So, stay tuned 


Any last words?  


What every you do, do it with love. 

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All Photography by 

Rick Jones


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