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Charondra Bacon

Make-up Tips and Techniques


Hello, how are you doing tonight, please tell the readers your name and where you're from?

Hi, my name is Chondra Bacon and I’m from Southern California

What made you get into doing makeup and modeling and for how many years have you been doing both?

So, I started doing makeup in 2018. I got into it because I started modeling in 2017 when my best friend asked me to do a calendar shoot with her. From the calendar shoot I started getting invited to participate in other modeling events. But I realized paying for a makeup artist became expensive. So, I started watching YouTube videos and Facebook lives of makeup artists doing their own makeup and I decided to give it a try and see if I could do it. It definitely was hard at first, I would say things like I could never do that. But with practice and patience you can do whatever you put your mind too. I’ve been modeling now for 7 years and doing makeup for 6 years.

What products do you love to use?

Now when it comes to products, I use a few different things: Starting with skin care I use all of Fenty beauty products the Total Cleanser Remove it all Cleanser, Fat Water Niacinamide Pore-Refining Toner and the Hydra Vizor Huez SPF 30 Moisturizer.

What's your top 5 makeup brands that are great to use?

My top 5 brands are: Fenty Beauty, Maybelline, Juvia’s Place, E.L.F Cosmetics and Yolanda Cosmetics.

Chondra Bacon

Foundation Mastery: "What are the essential steps for choosing and applying the right foundation for my skin type?

When it comes to choosing the proper shade it’s important to know your under tone. And a good way to figure out your under tone is to know what color your veins give off. For example: Blue or Purple veins give off a cool skin tone, while Green is a warm skin tone. Also if gold jewelry looks great on you, you have a warm skin tone. And sliver for cool.

Flawless Complexion: "How can I achieve a flawless complexion with makeup, especially when dealing with uneven skin tones or blemishes?

To achieve that flawless makeup look you need to start with a good base a smoothing primer like the IL Makiage primer and foundation are the best for that look. You also want to make sure if your blemishes are uneven skin to use a color corrector it will even out your skin. 

Eye Makeup Techniques: "What are some professional tips for enhancing eye makeup to make my eyes pop, considering different eye shapes?

Applying eyeshadow, the best way to get that color pop is to start with a white or light color eye primer and that’s for every eye shape. Now if you have hooded eyes, you always want to make sure you go over the hooded line, so you don’t lose your color fully when eyes are open. 

Contouring and Highlighting: "Could you share some easy contouring and highlighting techniques to accentuate facial features without looking too heavy?

When it comes to contouring and highlighting your face already have these areas you are just enhancing them. Now you really only need to contour if you have used concealer on your face to bring a lil color back. The more natural looking concealer you use the less contour you have to use. Contour is used on the outer parts of your face and the bridge of your nose. Highlighter is used to bring a lil shine back to your face mainly in your T zone area and a lil on the cheeks.


Chondra Bacon

Lipstick Longevity: "What tricks can I use to make my lipstick last longer throughout the day, especially through meals and drinks?

Now when it comes to a long-lasting lip, there are 2 ways to do that. You want to use a stain lipstick those are the best. Or you can use your regular lipstick and then put a setting powder on top of it, it will last longer than usual.


Blending Skills: "What is the best way to blend makeup products seamlessly to avoid harsh lines and achieve a natural look?

When it comes to blending your makeup, you want to make sure you focus on the area’s where one product meets the other. It’s usually best to use a clean makeup brush for this and you want press not swipe. Same thing with using different color eyeshadows you want to blend out the color where the next color will go.

Setting Makeup: "What are your recommendations for setting makeup to ensure it stays fresh and matte throughout the day, especially in hot weather?

Keeping your makeup fresh and long lasting throughout the day depends on setting products. You want to use matte products for a longer wear and good setting spray and setting powder. And for that I would use the Patrick Starr ONESIZE waterproof setting spray and the setting powder.

Makeup Brushes: "Which essential makeup brushes should every woman have in her collection, and how do I use them effectively for different makeup applications?

When starting out you really only need about 7 brushes: Foundation brush, eyebrow brush, concealer brush, contour brush, eyeshadow brush, powder brush and a highlighter brush. Once you get a little more familiar with your makeup and can always add brushes. Also, most makeup brushes tell you on the brush what to use it for. 

Thanks for love and information. Let the readers know where they can find you and get their face beat at?

Thank you so much for having me and allowing me to share my opinion about makeup and what products to use. I am now in the Atlanta area if you are looking for a makeup artist, please send me a message on Instagram at:

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Chondra Bacon

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