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This entrepreneur/Black owned business diva Frieda Kay is changing the game with hair.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

What are the challenges you face in being a hairstylist?

One of the challenges I face being a stylist is having problems with other stylists because their clients have to come to me for redo or to fix a mistake a stylist made. It's hard

correcting other stylists' work because they have messed up a client's hair. The worst challenge I face is working long hours and being so tired some nights that I can't give my children the time I want them to have. Even though the more exposure I receive means the more time I'm going to be gone more often.

What are good products to use for hair?

The best product to use for your hair is FreeKay's Natural Way. It's all natural and you will grow tremendously in a shorter amount of time than the major brands. I formulated FreeKay's Natural Way in 2020 for rapid growth and luxurious healthy hair.

What are the steps to growing good strong healthy hair?

Steps to growing healthy hair: 1. Find one stylist that has the services that you need. Going from stylist to stylist can cause major damage to your hair. 2. Always keep your hair moisturized and oiled. 3. Restrain from a lot of heat. 4. Avoid using a bunch of different products; some contain so much alcohol that it dries your hair out and makes it brittle. 5. Depending on your oil intake and how dirty your hair is, make sure you wash and use a great conditioner.

How long have you been doing hair?

Believe it or not, I have been doing hair since I was 11 years old. I started out braiding my own hair and my friends would ask me to braid their hair in gym class. One day this lady asked me to do her micro braids and at the time they were the best thing popping. I only charged her $25. Can you believe that? The rest is history in the making.

How often should you wash your hair?

When it comes to washing your hair, it's really up to your discretion. I have clients that wash their hair weekly and then there are some that wash theirs monthly. Depending on what your hair porosity is will determine how often you should wash your hair.

Do you feel the plus size world is getting its shine the way it should be or does?

it needs more work.

No, the plus size world does not get the shine that it deserves. Especially since every female feels that they need a bbl to be beautiful. If we as women uplift each other more, women would feel more comfortable in their own skin. Women wouldn't feel the need to alter their bodies.

what are the pros and cons when wearing hair extensions?

It's a lot to know about wearing hair extensions; what hair is great for your texture or what style best fits your face. When transitioning from relaxed hair to natural chemical free hair, some people choose to do the big chop, or they let their hair grow out and clip relaxed ends as times goes. During this process, the use of hair extensions is the go-to while going through what people call "the ugly stage". These are what you call protective styles. These hair services cover, embellish, and protect the delicate weakened strands that are transitioning or when you just want your hair in braids. The downside of hair extensions is the braids being braided too tight causing traction baldness. Also, applying too much additional hair extension material disproportionate to the number of strands in the sectioned hair can cause excessive tension on the natural hair.

How do you feel about these new lace wigs women are wearing today?

Lace Wigs are some teas on its own. That's one service I do not offer. I commend all stylists that do because the steps that it takes to lay a wig is so tedious. It's crazy when I was growing up wigs were for grandmas lol. Even though times have changed, so has the wig game. One of my favorite wig slayers is @funtohair on ig.

whatever happened to just going natural, no weaves not extensions etc.?

"Going natural" can mean so many things. Honestly, I feel it's not more women going natural because of what they see on tv and what they feel they should look like. When you are in the corporate world and you are trying to climb up the success ladder, people often feel the need to look a certain way. Meaning, wearing their hair straight versus wearing your natural kinks and curls. Most women are unable to tame their hair in its natural form. At times the natural hair can be thick and it's hard to comb through. Also with women looking on tv and all they see is women being praised for being a certain body shape or they are determined how pretty they are by the length of their hair. Don't get me wrong you see women on tv with natural hair but if we're keeping it real, it takes a great deal of confidence and self esteem to be natural.

What makes hair fall out?

It's a number of things that could make a person's hair fall out. It could be due to alopecia, traction baldness, using chemicals incorrectly plus more. One of the most common reasons for hair loss is a hereditary condition that happens with aging. The condition is called Androgenic Alopecia, male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness.

Does a person's race play a big part when it comes to doing hair?

To me, it's not about the race when it comes to hair. African Americans can have the same texture as a Caucasian. It's all about the texture of the individual's hair.

What type of hair stylist are you?

I am the type of stylist that's straight forward. All of my clients are put on a plan of action especially if they are having trouble growing their hair. Majority of people with hair want their hair to grow long and healthy. The goal is to ask the client how you can help and what are their concerns about their crown. My most popular services are my Locs, loc extensions, rope twist and feed in braids.

What type of hair u work with the best such as human hair etc. ?

I can style any texture and length. I've been told by plenty that I have growing hands. Which means any crown I touch, I can make it grow.

Do you make wigs?

As I stated before, wigs are not my forte. I probably could if I sat down and tried it, but every stylist has a niche and mine is my Locs but I don't knock the wig community.

Is there any hairstylist you admire?

There's only a few stylists that I gravel over and they are @braidsbykamesha, @thechanelroseexperiencellc, @transforminglocs.

How did you get started in the hair business?

I've been doing hair for over 20 yrs. now but I didn't make it a career until 2017. I finally stopped working for the "man" after I realized I wasn't great at being an employee because I was born to be a boss. I know it may sound arrogant but I literally couldn't work for anybody without quitting or getting fired. I would get a job and do more than my description and wasn't getting paid for it so I decided to step out on faith and fully invested in my craft. I began relearning the new techniques, styles and products and began using my daughters as guinea pigs. I soon uprooted my family and moved to Atlanta, GA and started working in a salon. The owner told me I needed a brand name. Growing up my dad (Bob Hill) always called me Frieda Kay and my late brother Nate called me freaky lol. (don't ask) After thinking for about two days, it came to me: FreeKay Styles. Where my styles are freaky. Ever since then my business has been booming and striving. God has opened buildings that I didn't know existed.

Thanks for the Hair talk, any last words for the readers?

No one can determine your future but you. No matter what you are going through, write a plan and do that. Don't let no one tell you can't because you can.

Photo Cred: @K_a_photography_faith

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