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The exotic Jai Michelle is a walking canvas keeping it fearless on every levels.

I must say beauty comes in many ways and Jai Michelle is a walking art of beauty. She brings that unique style and fashion to the game

When I say a walking canvas, killer curves, a fearless walk and seductive eyes. Jai is very unapologetic, and our Fearless Curve Crush!

How have you been since everything that's been going on since covid and just the craziness in the world these past few years?

Things have been so crazy over these past years with covid and the death of my loved ones, but I have been taking it one day at a time and trying to stay positive. It hurts to see my loved ones hurt and in need. There were times that I wanted to give on being a model because things had slowed down so much but, I looked at how far I have come and the many people I have inspired and gained the strength to move forward.

For those that don't know where are you from?

I'm from California born in Los Angeles and raised in Fontana.

Coming from the California did you ever get caught up in the gangs, cause i know family and friends play a part in that growing up and Cali is a rough state for those that never been there like you and I?

Believe it or not I was a nerd growing up LOL. I was a peer leader in high school and everything. I took college prep classes which help me to graduate early. I stayed on the honor roll, and I was awarded a specialty study in Human Service when I graduated. I was popular in high school. I could get my friends out of class early because everyone knew who I was. My grandfather kept me with the newest kicks and my mom kept me with the freshest outfits. I laid low but was with the business. so no, I was never caught up in the gangs and sets because my family already steered me away from that. My focus was to make another path for myself. I had many friends in high school and could have easily got into the mix, but it just really wasn't my thing. Everyone thinks Cali is rough, Cali is only rough if you make it rough. I mean every place has its areas but in Fontana there wasn't too much going on.

How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling for 19 years. I started as being a hair model and advanced into tattoo modeling which led into fashion modeling. So, for the tattoo and fashion modeling it's been 6 years and counting.

Where did the love of tattoos come from and how many do you have? Also, any meaning to them? My love from tattoos come from masking pain. Even-though I was nerd I still experienced pain, some from others and some pain inflicted on myself. I had a lot of learning to do because there were some things, I learned the hard way, so my consequences were hard. I was and have always been me in person and follow my own mind. some things good and some bad but I did it. And tattoos took place of doing drugs and alcohol by feeling the pain of the tattoo it would take my mind off other things that I was going through. So now my body is my story. every tattoo means something whether it be good or bad. I'm a walking book. One day I want to write this book so people will understand more in depth of my testimony. I want to share how one tattoo tuned into over 160 tattoos.

What is Jai Michelle style like, and would you say you have a fearless closet?

You I know I honestly don't know what I would consider my style to be. I definitely like to freestyle and with colors and be as swaggy as can be. LOL So if I had to give myself a style it would be grown and sexy with swag. my closet is definitely fearless!

When you hear the words Fearless Curves what comes to mind?

Fearless Curves to me means embracing your curves no matter the size. Standing boldly in the things that make you happy as a person. Not worrying about how others see you, but as long as you are comfortable and in love with yourself you can stand strong and remain fierce in your body, mind and soul.

What line of work are you in?

I currently work as a hair stylist and have a bartending business. And of course, modeling which includes video shoots, fashion shows, ambassador programs and magazine work.

In your opinion what should be happening more in the plus size community/ Industry?

What needs to change?

In my opinion the plus community should be supporting each other more. Sometimes we need to be uplifted, checked on and motivated. Being plus size is not always easy. We take harsh comments and gestures at times so if we all stand together, we can know how to gain thicker skin. And what needs to stop happening is people putting down the plus community and start supporting and standing behind us.

I love that you're comfortable in your skin and confidence is not even a question, so what helped you get to that stage in your life for those that don't have that confidence and positive mind set?

You know to be honest it all takes time to gain the confidence and be comfortable. I went through some things, and I had to regain my confidence and self-love. So, the best advice I can give for those who may struggle with confidence and comfortability I strongly suggest loving every part of you and be your best self for you! What mainly helped me was to meditate and remind myself daily that I am beautiful, even if I didn't feel it that day. Also, it was as simple as treating myself to one thing a week from the mall or online shopping. I made sure I kept my hair and nails done and I got dressed daily even if I wasn't going anywhere. There are days that we want to be relaxed but for the most part you feel better when you look good. And let me not forget I am constantly talking to God; it may not be a full prayer but I'm always praying.

Girl you be killing it with your many hot hair styles, you take chances a lot of ladies can't pull of some of the styles you do, what advice do you have for those that want to take chances and try different hairstyles?

Thank you so much, I go through it with my hair Lol I think of so many styles and can't make up my mind, so I try all of them. why not, right?! Ladies do try it; you will never know until you try either it's going to be popping or on to the next.

What makes you stand out in your own words?

I believe my look whole look stands out and my tattoos are my focal point which makes me look different when I get dressed.

I had fun talking to Ya we have to do this again lol the next interview we are going to get raw and uncut you ready.

Awwww, thank you so much and it was very nice speaking with you as well as the opportunity to be a part of Fearless curves. I'm forever grateful! Yes, I'm definitely ready to share the raw and uncut Jai Michelle.

And where can people check you out at?

You can find me on Instagram at Iam_Jaimichelle also my hair page: Stylezbyjaii_

Facebook: Jai Michelle Thank you so much, much love to you and all of my plus community

Photo Cred: Imagery by Kirk and Kem West photos

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