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The Detroit Michigan bombshell

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Hello how are you doing?

I am extremely blessed and just happy to be here.

Tell the people your name and where you're from?

My name is LaChina Jones-Kariem but most call me China and I am from the Dirty Mitten, Michigan. Lol. Detroit to be exact.

What made you get into the modeling world?

I believe I just kind of ended up here and fell in love. I've literally been in the theater world since I was 4 years old, from dancing, acting, singing and modeling.

How do you feel about the plus size modeling world?

The plus modeling community has made huge strides, especially from where I came from, and we're only getting better.

Have you always been comfortable in your skin?

I've always known I was beautiful. I've always known I was unique but no I have not always been comfortable in my skin. I came up in a world of dance. I had a dancers body. I was always thick, yes, but I was toned. I had my son at 17 and was never able to get that toned physique back again. It took me into depression which led me to gain more weight. I literally looked at my children one day and told myself I had to live for them. So I worked on my mental health first, which then turned into me loving all of me, stretch marks, cellulite, rolls and all. There was No one else like me. No one has my bruises, cuts, indentations, etc... And that's when my confidence was able to exude.

When you hear the words Fearless Curves, what comes to mind?

When I hear those words, I see China. I see China nude. I see China dancing. I see China traveling. I see China modeling. I see China in Avant Garde. I see China on a billboard. Fearless Curves reminds me of who China is. I JUST SEE CHINA! And seeing me excited me!!

What advice would you give women that are insecure about their body?

"In a world that hates what it can't have, embrace what you do have - and what you don’t like. CHANGE. It’s more detrimental to stress over a problem, when creating a solution can also create an opportunity. Embrace what you have because no one else owns it like you!"

For those ladies that want to get into modeling, what are the steps they can take?

The very first step into modeling is research!! Research the type of modeling you want to do. You can easily get stuck in a one trick pony life of modeling. So research, research, research. Next, and this is very important, be ready for CRITICISM. Just because you're a pretty girl, doesn't mean you're the best model. Designers have visions for their looks and you will not half the tome fit their vision. Once you understand the first 2, then you're ready to understand that you are a mannequin. You're a human, of course, but you are a blank canvas and are brought to life with what the designer puts you on. That is why it is important to know what type of modeling you want to go into, so you will be comfortable with what you model. Now you would want to start going to some conferences, trainings, classes, etc... Shadow another model that you see yourself in. Go to model calls. Prepare your model bag. Participate in shows and always stay ready so you won't have to get ready!!

What’s next for you in 2022?

Omg, Yah has truly blessed me with some amazing opportunities. I will be featured a couple of places, my art of seduction classes have found a new home, I will be getting my second residence in GA and I will be traveling to Jamaica this year on business, just to name a few. So yes, 2022 will be amazing for me.

How long have you been in the modeling game?

I have been modeling for 24 tear-filled, amazing, stressful and grateful years.

Let me ask you, what do you think the plus size world is missing or not doing enough of?

I would love to see a plus fashion expo at Carnegie Hall. Exclusively plus. That would be so dope.

I also want to make mention to designers that design for everyone but want plus models in their lineup. Listen, I have seen plus models that have torn the runway up. I have designers tell me all the time how bad af of a model I am. Then why am I not your signature look, the last look to complete your collection. I would love to see more of that because it isn't seen often at all.

Plus size fashion, what do you think about it?

When I think of plus fashion, I think of Avant Garde, colors, textures, fabrics meshing and colliding. I think of boldness, confidence, sexiness, sophistication and many many curves.

What is some of the work you have done already done?

Whew so much. Well some of my most noted is being on the Board of the Fuller Woman Network and performing, hosting and co-producing it's expos with my sister, Cassandra Jones-McBryde. Modeling in Jakarta and Bali for their Expo and being on Indonesia CNN. I have also modeled and danced with my dance team, S.O.P.H.A.T BURLESQUE, for Carnival Meets the Runway in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. I've performed and modeled all over the U.S., as well as Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Indonesia and Canada.

Any last words ?

There is only 1 you, so live your life like it's your last day. And always, always protect your peace. At no time should you have to accept any negativity in your life and never jeopardize your integrity.

Photo Cred: @josepaganphotography

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