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Team Fearless Curves very own bombshell straight out of Philly Pa

Hey beautiful please tell us your name? My name is Shante Milburn What line of work are you into? I’m a sales rep for printing company ink, and I'm a social media manager for "Lippie by

Taylor cosmetics".

What is sexy to you? Sexy to me is an attitude of confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. When do you feel the most beautiful? I feel most beautiful with my sweats, hair tied, and no makeup. When I’m naturally me and relaxed, I feel amazing inside out.

When you hear the words Fearless Curves, what comes to mind? I hear confident, bold, sexy body not afraid to show it off. Do you have a signature make-up look, if so, what is it? My signature makeup look is typically a natural beat with a bold lip, like a red or a plum. So, we want to know what does Shante have in her closet? is your closet Fearless? Most of my closet consists of t-shirts, jeans, and dope sunglasses LOL. However, I do have some fearless pieces such as a wide leg royal blue jumpsuit, cheetah print blouse, and pink pencil skirt. Do you think plus size aka size sexy is taking over? I absolutely believe we are taking over! Shattering society’s standards of beauty and embracing the everyday woman is awesome and I’m SO excited for the future for us.

What's going to make you stand out? From being mentally abused about my insecurities by a family member, to creating a blog motivating people to be beautiful, to modeling, I am the blueprint for so many women around the world. I’m brave, I’m bold, and I’m confident...and THAT is why I stand out. Any last words for the readers? Ladies, embrace your curves because you are beautiful inside and out and Flaunt Your Confidence mama! Photo Cred: @beabstrakt @sagewebbphotography

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