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She's Chi-Town finest and unapologetic!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

So, I must say I had my eye on you, how are you this evening?

You have now? And not tell me! Smiles I'm well thank you and thank you for your time.

Please tell the readers your name and where you're from?

My name is Keyera however everyone knows me as Key West. It tickles me when people realize it's my actual name. I'm hailing from Chicago the Southside of course.

What is sexy to you?

Being confident in YOUR skin. Owning who you are and the image you want to be represented as. Owning you confidently is sexy as hell!

How do you feel about the plus size modeling world?

Long overdue for the exposure it rightfully deserves. Those doors should have disintegrated a long time ago. Yet happy to see those doors in flames and the images portrayed today.

We see that you're comfortable in your skin. Was it always like that?

Absolutely not and the main reason I started modeling. To love the skin, I am in just the way that I am. I did not have positive images nor affirmations to love myself for me. At times I even had negativity spoken upon me. Took me a very long time to no longer wanted to not look in the mirror. Had I seen images that reflected me I could have had a visual representation to love myself. I wanted that so now I want to be the person the next little girl can see and say " I look like her. She's beautiful and so am I " and MEAN IT.

When you hear the words Fearless Curves, what comes to mind?

Women who own their bodies. Women who are empowered because they are a woman! Women of different creeds and races standing tall in their shoes as inspiration to others.

What advice would you give women that are insecure about their body?

Look at yourself every single day in the mirror and LOVINGLY compliment you. Speak love unto YOU. Listen to an affirmation on you YouTube. Sing yourself a love song to yourself bare so you see and learn to love the raw you. The vulnerable you and you the world sees would see you are loved. Loved by you. Learn and understand your body type and wear clothing that flatters YOUR body type. Everything does not look great on everyone, but everyone can look amazing in something similar. Wear what makes you feel sexy!

Do you think plus size aka size sexy is taking over?

Yes, I do and like Micky D's " I'm lovin' it".

What line of work are you in, outside of modeling?

Customer Service Manager in retail.

What’s next for you in 2022?

Setting goals. Networking with new faces. Expanding my brand. I want to end this year with 3 publications at minimum.

How long have you been in the modeling game?

I have been learning and loving this life for the past 7 years now as far as print and roughly 5 for runway.

Let me ask you, what do you think the plus size world is missing or not doing enough of? Showcasing various body types. Not everyone will have a figure 8 or flat stomach or both hips and breast. Clothing reflects that and the industry needs to start adjusting as well. Height even plays apart with appearances and how weight can be distributed in a person's body.

What's going to make you stand out from the rest?

My personality is one of a kind. The love I give is genuine and heartfelt. My laugh rings bells in ears lol. In short, my presence will assist me in standing out from the rest.

I enjoyed your time with me, Any last words for the readers?

You don't see yourself portrayed then show us! Someone has to start so why not you? You could be that someone for another.

The Green Skirt set with the crown picture

Xavier Leeds - X Photography

The Black and white picture

Marques Dunn Photography

Red Lingerie baby doll picture

Gabriel Montgomery - Sincere Luxury Photography, Marques Dunn Photography

Pearl picture

Leon Pearty - Silkk Expressions Photography

Photo Cred: In Order

Sincere Luxury Photography

Leon Peatry,

Silkk Expressions Photography,

X Photography. Marques Dunn Photography

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