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She has beauty, curves and a soulful sound from the south

I had the opportunity to attend CPCP Productions Fashion show in Manhattan New York City during fashion week and heard a sweet soulful melody that stopped me in my tracks, and I was blown away. This curvy queen with mocha chocolate skin and beautiful smile that lights up a room was runway ready from head to toe.

Hello how are you doing today? Glad to finally get up with you? Haha. Seems it took forever for us to find the time to chat! I'm great today! Thank you. Your very welcome. Please tell the readers your name and where you're from? I am Danni.Vee from. Valdosta Georgia. Shoutout to all the good people in Valdosta Georgia, Now coming from Valdosta is it hard for you to tap into the music industry like finding studios to record, networking with the right people etc.? I can honestly say it’s not hard at all. Valdosta is full of extremely talented artists and musicians, and the music is what brings us together as a community. There are a few different places to record. A lot of the musicians have their own places to record. The music isn’t far out of reach at all. The important thing is to find the right team, the people who have the same heart as you is sometimes, that’s the hard part.

How long have you been writing songs as well as performing? I’ve pretty much been writing most of my life. They haven’t always been songs though. More so poetry. Performing is something I’ve kind of always done, but never took seriously up until about the last two years.

As a curvy plus size woman, what would you like to see more of in the plus size industry/community? I would honestly like to see more modesty, haha I know that’s weird butt. Just because you have the curves, they don’t always have to be out there. Like create your own vibe, your own style and stand out that way.

When you hear the words Fearless Curves, what comes to mind? I think of loving every bit of you curvy being, without fear of judgment. Just being you, completely.

What's in Danni.Vee playlist and who do you listen to? Haha. My playlist is a bit everywhere. You’ll get firstly some Marvin Gaye, Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan. Larry June, Sade. Wale. It goes on for days.

Who or what motivates you? My best friend, - Tipp. my mother, my son. Just the need to want more. To exceed every goal, I’ve set for myself.

Describe your singing style? Contemporary soul.

Where can people connect with you and hear your music?

Just check out / Click the link

We thank you for this interview looking forward to having you come back and rocking with us and last words for the readers and your fans? It’s been such a pleasure! To the readers, my supporters. As always thank you for you love and support. I am nothing without you.

Photo by: Eric Vinson-Dreaming Wild Photography

Last Photo by: MomentsByMsJayeCole

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