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Plus Size Cultural Designed Sports Apparel That She Can Wear Just About Anywhere.

Tiffany of RGN Sports

What inspired you to start your business ?As a thick-thighed soccer player, certain athletic apparel just wasn't made for me. I always ended up pulling them down to prevent my thighs from chafing. Or adjusting the waistband of my leggings that would fit my thighs but not my waist. I knew a lot of women struggling with much more than that.

From clothing that never has pockets, to apparel lines not having clothing larger than an XL. It became clear to me there were gaps in the market affecting not just me, but people who looked like me, and would require someone to want to fill those voids.

My ah-ha moment came during a discussion with my now husband in South Africa. We conversed on how often athletic apparel isn't made for a wide variety of body types. In addition, how African prints were growing in popularity - I had never seen African designs in an athletic setting. That moment turned these errant thoughts into a business idea, but I didn't know anything about designing clothes or e-commerce. My husband bought my first sewing machine. A month passed and I started slowly learning everything I could about designing athletic wear.

Three years later RGN Sport was officially launched.

RGN Sport currently consists of signature shorts, sport bras, and headbands. This line celebrates everyone, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey. They have sizes ranging from XS-XXXL. They celebrate their culture by creating pieces in prints that are uniquely African. Tiffany aims to inspire confidence in every woman and encourage them to “Embody the Strength Within”

Potential story angles:

•Former Athlete creates athletic apparel line

• Comfortable & functional clothing line for all body types

•A line to help you keep your New Year’s resolution

•DMV woman in business

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