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Phoenix Arizona bombshell is making an impact in the modeling Industry

This Phoenix, Arizona bomb shell is making a lot of Nosie ripping up the runway from Arizona down to the big apple of New York city. She's been on our radar for a few years now and now we have the opportunity and pleasure of having the beautiful talented Jamine Coleman.

So, I have never been to Arizona, how is it out there?

Also, how's the plus size curvy modeling world? Arizona is starting to embrace the pulse size/curvy world finally. It’s not as big as I would like to see but it is growing. Fellow plus models in Arizona are making it happen with events such as the Full Figured & Sassy Expo as well as The Mirage Experience 2.0. As the plus world grows on a larger spectrum as a whole, Arizona is also moving into the direction of recognizing plus/curvy as its own division. It’s about time!

How do you feel about the plus size curvy modeling world?

It’s our time to shine and be represented in a positive manner. I am happy to see the body positive and body confidence movement moving into a direction of fashion to where all shapes and sizes are being represented. The stereo types are going away. Curvy and plus can model and rock the runway like everyone else. I must say we do it different and look great doing it. It’s great to look at fashion and say “hey she looks like me”

We love that you're comfortable in your skin, was that hard for you?

To arrive at a point of being comfortable in my skin was hard. I had low self-esteem as a teen/young adult. I had issues with my weight, skin, hair, you name it. I was different, I wasn’t the popular girl in school, I wasn’t as outgoing as I am now. I was the last pick of the line up if you know what I mean, and it hurt. As an adult I was in some abusive relationships both physical, mental and emotional. Finding myself, loving myself and getting to know who I really am was a process. I even put myself through modeling school at 16 to learn how to look like a model. However, back then, even in modeling school I wasn’t an ideal size or the right look to be considered. Plus wasn’t a thing, neither was my race. As I became older and still wanted to follow my dreams I started working as a background extra as well as restarted my modeling journey. In 2018, my daughter convinced me to compete in the Arizona International Pageant with her where I won the crown and became Mrs. Arizona International 2018. This is where my confidence had a boost and I really started to learn who I was. I have never looked back and through the years I learned how to choose me and become my greatest version. My confidence boost allowed me to be fearless and free. My confidence coach and model mentor Tricia Campbell also helped me reclaim who I was in her Confidence Queens program. I have learned how-to walk-in excellence and have what we call unshakable confidence. I also owe my growth in confidence to my best friend, and photography mentor Mosi Jelani of BestVoy Images may he Rest in Peace. BestVoy means to be the best version of yourself, he made sure that in everything I did was a representation of me. I will always hold his teachings and memory close to my heart.

When you hear the words Fearless Curves, what comes to mind?

“FEAR-LESS” there is nothing to be afraid of. Celebrate you and all your attributes! Curves are to be celebrated loud and upfront not in shadows. Fearless is a sense of power, when you are fearless you are unstoppable and unshakable. When you are fearless you can do anything and conquer all its knowing who you are and being the best version of you (see what I did there). To be fearless embodies everything discussed in this article. It’s a strong word that goes a long way.

How long have you been modeling and walking the runway?

Oh man…. you are going to age me which is okay! I started my modeling journey when I was 16. I got my first job and put myself through The Barbizon School of Modeling. As I became an adult and had a family of my own, I let it go to raise my children. I've been modeling on a more consistent basis after my pageant reign in 2018 so what’s that, four years consistently almost five.

So, for those that don't know you're also a photographer, when did the love for that come about?

I've been doing photography for 2.5 years now. I also owe this to the late Mosi Jelani of BestVoy Images. He was my photographer over time I started assisting on his shoots. I learned where to move the lights and had an active role in posing models as well as being a creative director. One day I said “Mosi, one day I would like to learn how to take pictures rather than be the subject in them. I enjoy just watching you do what you do and crate magic.” Mosi hands me his back up camera (Nikon D5300) and said “I'm so glad you finally said it. I've been saving this for you it's yours. Your first lesson is to learn your settings and just get a feel for the camera in your hand. Then shoot what you see, and we will go from there.” I've been shooting ever since. I love it. It’s another way for me to express myself and create from my point of view.

What do you feel is not being done enough in the plus size community? The plus size community doesn’t get enough exposure. Therefore, opportunities aren’t there. The plus size community is out here WORKING but there aren’t many outlets celebrating it. However, thanks to people like Nzinga Imani, Precious Lee, Leslie Sidora and Lizzo plus size is making a mark and being recognized. Also, in media publications and outlets such as Fearless Curves, Queen Size Magazine, ATL Curve Weekend and the FFFIA’s are putting curvy on the map. These are just a few but as a result the fashion world has drastically changed, there are more brands representing us and opportunities are coming!

What's going to make you stand out?

Good question! I would say my drive and passion on both sides of the Lense. My creative mind which reflects in my work. I love to create, and it shows. Lastly my personality and contagious smile.

In your own words, what do you want people to know about Jasmine?

Jasmine is a creative with a passion for others and strives to deliver the best version of herself as well as bring it out in others. She has unshakable confidence in all that she does. She is fearless in her journey and loves what she does.

So that the readers are up to speed, what are some of the things you been in and done in the industry?

Just recently I became the new President of GEI - Arizona and Editor & Chief of SINAS (Sexy Is Not a Size) Magazine. I will be connecting with Fearless Curves to introduce the curvy side of Arizona to other regions of the U.S. I will be working on a few projects in Arizona centered around the plus size community as well as making a mark in the podcast world again! Yes Ms. JayeCole is BACK!!! I am so excited for the launch, new connections, and opportunities. The sky is the limit, and the best is yet to come. This has been an amazing journey.

Thanks for the love and so happy you're joining the team/staff of Fearless curves mag movement, any last words for the readers?

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. As a creative support goes a long way. Whether you have known me for a while or just a short time, even if you just learned about me today. I appreciate you. To everyone seeing this., live to be your greatest version. Celebrate ALL OF YOU! Love yourself, be authentic and most of all be FEARLESS!

Photo by: Mosi Jelani -

BestVoy Images (Black Lingerie)

T-shirt by: Fearless curves apparel

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