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Jaded Faded Flows is a movement

Plus size curvy pole dancing on a higher level. I must say sit back and take this ride with

us as we get up close and personal with this black beautiful sista and her movement.

Good afternoon, how are you doing today?

I'm quite well, I hope you are too! So, I heard a lot about you which I must say got me very curious about you, so before we get into it, please tell the readers your name and where you from? My name is Jessica, I am from South Georgia, currently living in North Atlanta since 2015. So, the nasty freaky side of you I hear is Jada La Pearl. Is that true and why? You can judge from watching me to see if that is true ( LOL) I will say that Jada is unapologetic, raw, unforgettable, naturally sensual and likes to get a "rise" out of others when they are sensual with themselves too.

What got you into pole dancing? Truthfully, it began with movies that I saw growing up in my teens that involved women being able to seduce others with their bodies and I just admired that to where I wanted to finally try it out for myself when I got in my 20s and made it a regular part of my life.

Is pole dancing hard to do or to get into? Yes and no. I say both due to the fact that it varies for everyone, but these poles are for everybody, no matter your age, size, background, gender, beginner, advance, athletic or not, you are welcome. How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling since 2016, beginning with curvy lingerie and later boudoir shoots and now a mix of lingerie, kink and pole and general modeling.

Break down "Jaded and faded flows"? Two terms that are intended for being either bored or lacking something as well as past tense or gradually “losing” its shine or original look, I decided to flip for a number of reasons. 1. I’m Jada. So yeah, I had to add “Jada” in there somewhere. 2. Nothing I do is boring or lacking thus anyone who works or associates with me will ever lack when we connect when it comes to my work and how I serve. 3. The “Fade” is a vibe, a melodic experience to just “drift” from your worries, inhibitions when it comes to the fluidity of your body, whether in pole, floor, stretch, anything that is a form of happiness for you to celebrate you! What are some steps to take if someone wants to get into pole dancing? Figure out your why. Do your research or "scout" different studios/instructors to see who would be a good fit for you, not the other way around. The worst thing you can do is to be at a studio or with an instructor that doesn't align with you and/or your goals. You can get into pole no matter your experience. We all started somewhere so I encourage anyone to go in with the anticipation to build on their own pole journey without comparing themselves to anyone else. Now there are some people that feel pole dancing is for strippers, how do you feel about that? If you limit your thinking, you limit your vision. Period. The origin of Pole Dancing began for the purpose of endurance and overall exercise, over the centuries, it shifted for the purpose of attracting audiences during concerts and general shows.

Being you are a sexual person does the pole / floor dancing add to it or etc.? It enhances it for me. I consider myself a sensual being before came pole/dance came into my life so it’s just another tool that I can utilize with me already being sexual in my skin. I love that you're comfortable in your skin, such a turn on. Any advice for those ladies that are not? Take some time to sit with you. Question yourself, what do you like, what makes you tick, what gets you happy, what feels good to you. Then explore yourself from simple things that we do often ranging from trying new lingerie, new selfies, sensual meditation, affirmation, just a few things to consider.

When you hear the words Fearless curves what comes to mind? I hear “fierce” “dominance” and “conquer”. Vini, Vidi, Vici all day, as my pole sister Onyx would say. What's "butter babe jade" all about for those that don't know? Butta is my explicit persona, surprisingly more explicit than my dancer persona :-) another element of “sex” and “play” that I get to tap into ranging from “after dark” content to everyday stuff in the nude. Being that you're a curvy woman, how do you feel about the plus size world when it comes to the line of work you do as well as with plus size fashion? How many years have you been doing all that you do? We are going on 6 years with everything; model, instructing, performing. What's your workout like in the gym so that you can keep doing what you do?

It is currently cross training between the gym and pole. For gym, it's 25-35 mins of Stairmaster, workouts for shoulders, core/back and arms. Pole, currently spin pole for strength building as well as conditioning

Where can someone see your work as well as your classes? My IG: @flowwithpearllush @jadednfadedflows YouTube: Jaded N Faded Flows In Person: My Stretch n Flo Class at Vixenz Studios on Mondays in Lilburn Ga Online: What's new for you in 2022? I am creating an online 4 week beginner pole series in May, still performing from time to time, usually once a month or so as well as training others in person or online.

I must say FCMagazine rocks with you and all your curves, any last words for the readers and fans? Confidence is not size exclusive. It’s literally for everyone so don’t limit your capabilities in life to the size of your body. We are forever evolving beings so give whatever u wanna do a try, just got for it. I promise you the challenge isn’t as tough as it may look, no matter what that challenge may be for u. Continue striving and thriving in your own right!

Photo Cred:

@designsbymsjaiinc and @emphasisonvelvetlenae @djadamsphotography

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