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It's a Chubby situation out in New Jersey.

I must say I had a good time in South Jersey at the Chubby Chicks Cafe black business give back event, you put a lot of smiles on a lot of kids' faces. It's good seeing black businesses giving back when there's a lot of businesses that don't, but you took the time out to show love and we respect that. We want to thank you for having our ladies of Fearless Curves elite branch take part of your event.

Hello, nice to meet you, please tell the readers your name and where you're from?

My Name is Shakeira Turner and I’m from Sicklerville NJ.

We see you used to be a nurse. What made you leave that and become a chef?

It’s always been a dream and a huge passion of mine.

Being a black female entrepreneur with a new restaurant, was it hard starting your cafe?

Extremely hard! It’s not easy for African American women to get funding. I am a small business and started this restaurant with no funding, loans, investors or credit

What is chef Keira's style of cooking?

I like to think it’s fun, whimsical and kind of sexy.

Where did the name Chubby Chicks come from?

It was actually a dream that would repeat often.

We like those curves, and you rock your curves well, how do you feel about the plus

size curvy fashion industry? Do you feel more should be done for plus size curvy women?

I think it’s a growing industry and I’m excited about the future of it. We’ve come a long way from flower prints and tights.

Definitely so much more could be done,

starting with the way people view plus size women.

When you hear the words fearless curves, what comes to mind?

I think of sexy, independent, BOSS

So, I haven't had the opportunity to try and review any of your dishes that look so yummy on your Instagram page lol, so I'm curious to know what's your top 3 best dishes on the menu?

Well, you know we fry everything, but I would have to say, our fried grits, fried lobster and waffles and of course the fried sweet potato pie.

What should people expect when they come to chubby chick's cafe?

Expect to leave full, lol. They can expect to catch a vibe and have their taste buds wowed.

What do you want people to know about Chef Keira?

I want people to know that I’m passionate about my food and my creativity knows no end.

By the pictures we see you like to create when it comes to the dishes you whip up

where did that creativity come from?

lol it's like food porn at its best

Mostly my dreams, I literally dream up all of my ideas. Definitely food porn, my goal is to make you crave it.

It was great catching up to you and you giving me the time to chop it up together, I'm

looking forward to trying a few of those dishes lol i have to see what the talk and the hype is all about but before we go, please let the readers know how they can connect with you and

Chubby chicks Cafe?

Chubby Chicks Cafe on Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok

1401 Little Gloucester Rd

Blackwood NJ 08012


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