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From the hit reality series called "Super Sized Salon" on WeTv we catch up with the sexy raw Mz 007

Good day Luv, how are you doing today?

Amazing as always!! Nobody pays u for complaining so I try not to do that. LOL

So, for all those that don't know who you are when they should but let the readers know your name and where you're from?

Well, I’m from St. Louis, MO. (Grew up in Ferguson) I go by the name Mz.007 (Aka Double O) I’m currently Starring in the New Hit Reality Series Super-Sized Salon on WeTv as the Celebrity Fashion Stylist of Baby Doll Beauty Couture. I am a long time Viral Internet sensation & the creator of the most loved & timeless hit record of our time “Important” As well as the owner of a Luxury Custom Couture Intimates business called Big Intimates.

We love your music; how long have you been rapping? and what got you into rapping?

Thank you so much!

I started this music pretty much at birth. Coming from a musical family I sang in school & church with my father & following behind my brother Marlin (Hookman) Bonds who had been a known jazz musician since I was born, music has always been in me and around me. As we grew up my brother branched off after college & began song writing & producing for multiple mega artists, moved to LA (2011) & signed to Sony which also came with a shift for me & my future in music. I then began rapping which was 14 years ago built a huge name for myself locally in STL & the Midwest, my brother saw that & with his help, support, hard work and my big move to Los Angeles (2013) my brother & I teamed together he became my manager/producer (Bro manger) & the rest is history!

Where did the name "Mz 007" come from?

Bonds is my last name lol

Shannon (Mz007) Bonds is my name!

So, you're the owner of " Big. Intimates" break that down to what that is?

My legal entity name & LLC. Is “My Size Matters” which is a sisterhood that encourages body acceptance for women of all sizes. My DBA/Big Intimates is a handmade luxury custom couture intimate's business. Big Intimates is also a bra wholesaler & distributor for some of the top luxury lingerie & intimates wholesale brands like Yelete Group & Leg Avenue. I specialize in customizing unique pieces for women with larger or odd sizes. Though my business is all inclusive my goal is to create custom pieces for people of ANY SIZE… Big or small we bling em all lol. My Company Motto is “SEXY HAS NO SIZE”.

We see you're into fashion, rapping, you're an experienced confidence coach, a celebrity wardrobe stylist and a fashion designer, what else is there to know about Mz 007?

I'm extremely sensitive, true Pisces. Very passionate sometimes to passionate about things. I'm the youngest of 3 & I’m a seafood junky lol. Lastly, I love giving back to the community sign me up for all things charity! Well not all things but most. lol

How do you feel about the plus size community / plus size fashion world? What is it lacking in your opinion?

I feel like the plus size community has come a long way especially since I dropped “Important” I in ways feel like I was a part of the start of the trend of being sexy & plus sized, I showed all the confidence , self-assurance and boldness with that music video and at that time it was not widely praised nor was it really seen much in the plus sized community the only woman I really saw doing it was Tess Holiday so I took a chance & it worked. I was definitely an unseen sensation in HipHop & on the internet going viral 5 years in a row collectively over 15 million views on the same song are unheard of & the internet loved it Although the higher ups didn’t agree I had several labels turn me away because of how I looked I was definitely ahead of my time. I was even told by one label exec that he believed I was what HipHop was missing but I didn’t represent what HipHop looked like & now we have Lizzo 7 years later.

So many No's is what pushed me even harder inside to start my company Big Intimates because at ANY SIZE u deserve to look and feel sexy. And I’m humbled to be able to have a second chance at showing the world what I have to offer through music & fashion on such a huge platform as WeTv. Although plus sized fashion has flourished way more since then I feel the sizes need to be extended even more. Most of the brands selling plus sized clothing really don’t sell American sizes so the clothing still run too small for us SUPER SIZED girls over a 18-22. I also feel like it’s still lacking hugely in high end fashion.

There aren’t many if any Major brands that have extended their sizes. Can I walk in Gucci & buy a shirt? How about Louis Vuitton? Does Balenciaga sell a shoe over a size 9-10 in women in store?

Big Intimates exist to give women of ALL sizes an opportunity to experience CUSTOM high-end luxury couture pieces it is my goal and dream to be a part of the face of change when it comes to high end fashion, I aim to encourage all major brands to extend their size options in a more all-inclusive way. There are rich fat people to who like to buy luxury things. LOL

Your official merch dropped with dope shirts and accessories that we are rocking with it. Do you plan on doing more with your merch such as bring more various styles of fashion for plus size women?

Yes, I’m definitely adding new products that represent my movement for Fat & Free expressions & body acceptance also my eyewear is a trending topic so I will definitely be launching The Double O Frames soon. My signature gold lipstick that everyone loves is already out on but I will be adding that to the merch store as well.

I, as so many other love ya'll popping show on Wetv called "Super-Sized Salon" and we know "Baby Beauty Doll Couture" is the name of the shop, but we are curious about how much is real with the salon and the relationship between each of you ladies?

I asked that because you know tv shows will edit stuff and flip stuff etc. So, is there like a little tension / drama with you, BB and Taj?

EVERYTHING U SAW WAS REAL. NOTHING WAS FAKE & EVERY INTERACTION WAS ORGANIC… NO SCRIPT. just real raw interactions … WE HAVE NO REAL BEEF that I know of just differences in lifestyles an opinion I don’t dislike anyone I love all these girls & admire them in different ways to be honest beyond our experiences together. I just think our different upbringings & strong bossed up personalities have some meshing problems but only time will tell. Taj & BB I don’t really know them like that Frfr & they don’t know me, actually none of them really know me but Jamie. A-Love & Astra have known of me a year longer, but we only connected twice in that year prior to meeting Taj & BB after that some of us stayed in touch more than others THEN A 2 YEAR PANDEMIC HAPPENED. I think truly learning people genuinely takes time & effort, WITHOUT cameras, outside/ inside influences, & tainted fabricated information.

What is you and Jamie's relationship really like on and off the tv screen?

Jamie & I are sisters on camera & off camera we are together most of the time almost daily we have been threw a lot with each other & helped each other out of some really dark places. She’s definitely one of my besties!

So, we see that you came out to the world about dating women, but we know your celebrity crush is Drake so is it safe to say your Bi-sexual? The best of both worlds lol

I really don’t like titles shit gets to confusing these days but if I had to pick one, I’d say I’m Pansexual I’m a lover of love. I love people for who they are not what they are.

The relationship between you and A-Love is Toxic lol. Yall got into it over 3 to 4 times, what's the real issue with yall to? like is it a competition with her or what?

My only competition is me. I thrive daily to beat the person I was yesterday. A-Love & I see life through different eyes & things I know & believe clash with what she knows & believes, but let’s be clear EVERYBODY CAN'T HANDLE MY CONFIDENCE & UNAPOLOGETIC MIDWESTERN AUTHENTICITY I get that & I am a VERY STRONG MINDED PROUD BLACK WOMAN that comes from a very racist (black /white) place so sometimes my verbiage may not always be welcomed in some settings & I’m kinda country lol. so, I get that to. But I truly be minding my business being myself like everyone else & it seems to cause some flustering. I’m just not the type that causes a huge scene when I don’t agree with something, some people do. But If I’m arguing, usually it’s because I feel attacked & I’m naturally gone react. Me personally I’m getting too old to challenge anyone’s every thought & belief. I don’t judge people for what they think or believe I let people be & actually find it interesting when people think differently than me. At this point in my life if u think the sky is green dammit it’s green. Lol I could careless I’m focused on me & my future. As long it does directly offend or affect me Do You…

One thing I do want to ask before we wrap it up , but threw everything you deal with such as Lupus, bullying when you were younger, wanting to commit suiside and having ADHD. How do you maintain and balance everything plus find peace to keep going?

It’s been a journey. I actually found out after taping that I was misdiagnosed with Lupus I have rheumatoid arthritis in my knees, signs of degenerative joint disease in my ankles & neuropathy in my legs. Still sucks same pains but no lupus. Now I’m learning how to work through the pain and live a more active & healthier lifestyle to slow or stop the progression of these conditions. Learning what to eat & what not to eat to control my Inflammation & keeping my stress levels low which trigger some of these conditions have been the 2 most critical things I’ve had to learn. Food & Mood are my daily reminders on my journey & crushing my goals for living a overall healthier lifestyle

The childhood bullying actually made me who I am today I’m always thanking God; I didn’t kill myself because now I can pay it forward to so many others who endure what I went through. I have the opportunity to empathetically be the person who I needed & that makes it even more special to me.

ADHD & Anxiety… Lord I just have to meditate & stay busy seriously my thoughts run 1000 miles a minute I’m always creating in my brain Its always on Go. but I don’t let it stop me I’ve learned to take necessary breaks and just be. Seeing a therapist is a must for me as well. I have to have a person I can dump my brain overload on & family & friends aren’t always the best people to talk to so Therapy, Meditation & Self-Help Courses have all been Essential in dealing with my mental health issues. Cause I’m never going to quit on myself.

Being that season one of the shows is over, what's next for Mz 007?

OMG… SO MUCH BUT JUST KNOW IM DEFINITELY BOOKED & BUSY. Building Confidence, Doing Shows, Creating Customs & Getting multiple syncs & licensing deals a month with my music. Call me the Sync Queen lol I have so much music out there on tv shows & commercials and people don’t even know it’s me. Blessed & a lot of my biggest moves are silence!

I thank you for the time, the love and rocking with Fearless Curves Magazine and Movement any last words and where can people look for you?

Well, if you Google “I'm Important” you’ll find me my favcrpops up lol, but u can follow me EVERYWHERE @mz007music & @mz007stl on YouTube Stay tuned NEW MUSIC IS COMING!

Thank u so much for having me!

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