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Cover Photography by Nicole Lebris

When you hear the words fearless curves what comes to mind?

Loving yourself no matter what society says about your body.

Your 90-day Signature Coaching Program, Confidence Queens, aims to build unstoppable confidence in women. What are the key elements or principles that define this program?

Transformation, taking charge of ones destiny, achieving owns goals faster. Plus becoming unstoppable no matter your circumstances.

Coming from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and now influencing women globally, how has your background shaped your approach to body positivity and empowerment?

Growing up on the beach in MOBAY Jamaica showed me that living for today and being appreciative of all this world has to offer is key. Back then I was not thankful to take a swim in the beautiful turquoise waters every morning. Or the fact that I grow up with a pool in my backyard in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in MOBAY. 

Now living in America for over 28years sometimes in the cold you better believe I am grateful for a beach and warm weather when I see one. Wearing a bathing suit was like wearing a uniform while growing up on the north coast of Jamaica.  It taught me to become comfortable in my own skin.  Swimming, dancing also attending finishing school/modeling classes every weekend because I was a tomboy. My mum wanted to see me be more lady like and polished.

​Then something terrible happened to me. I was fat shamed during my short time entering Miss Jamaica. Of course being the competitive woman, I am.  I totally starved myself to look like the other slim contestants and I almost died, that's when the fire in me wanted to start helping and empowering other young ladies that looked like me with a fuller figure. Who are consistently told in media that our beauty is wrong.  From beauty pageants, fashion and the entertainment world we have never been fully accepted as our straight size model counter parts are. So happy things are so different now, however we still have a far way to go.

You've been Oprah Winfrey's stand-in model for over seven years. How has that experience impacted your career and personal growth?

Can we say learning to be even more professional. Being prepared for anything, also learning to really appreciate time. Living in your purpose. I really love and feel so thankful for that opportunity to model for one of the richest and influential woman in the world. When it was announced in O magazine that I was lady O's standin model. My agent got more inquires and request for me to do more appearances and photoshoots. Especially from Africa it was wild. My instagram and facebook following increased also. One of my modeling dreams came true. This job made me know that all things are possible. However you must stay prepared or get prepared so when the opportunity arrives you are ready. 

With a notable presence in both print and runway modeling across various global fashion hubs, how do you balance the demands of being a model with your coaching initiatives?

Thank God for zoom, teams, google meet, WhatsApp and social media, technology is my best friend for both my 1 on 1 coaching sessions with my coaching clients and also for my virtual fittings with some of the top brands in the world for fittings. I make the commitment to serve in both areas of my career modeling and coaching. No matter what. OMG! can we say catch a flight. Can we say passport stay ready. 



Could you tell us more about your role as a brand ambassador for multiple clothing, beauty, and travel brands? How does this tie into your mission of empowering women?


Loving life, knowing your worthiness and being in alignment with your own brand message and vibe will always magnetize great brands to you.  I just continue to have fun, dance do my modeldance walk. Love, fashion, the ocean and my bright colors. Plus loving the skin I am in. THEN VA VA VOOM I get to work with my favorite brands both as a model and sometimes brand ambassador. Plus we can't forget to pray and visualize what those moments will feel like to model for that brands campaign even before the booking arrives.

Your private Facebook group, Confidence Queens, has gained a significant following. What strategies do you employ to foster a supportive community and deliver daily empowerment tips to your members?

Celebrate, Celebrate having a safe place where women can speak their truth and feel comfortable with who they are is so magical. Plus receiving empowering words of encouragement from each other. Plus as a coach I definitely give weekly tips and secret strategies to help women start their transformation.

What's some advice you would give to those out there that's trying to get in this field as well as those that's in it that's trying to make their mark?

Find a Mentor or coach 2. know your why 3. break all your visibility and audio voice blocks. 4. don't compromise on who you really are  5. never be afraid to uplift others and give back to others without competing with others. 6. Stay Hurry

Who are some plus size models in the game and on the come up that you admire?

Oh great question @theofficialemme, @ashleygraham @liris, @origrunwaydiva @Ja_tawn, @jess_lavoie @modelasiamonet, @aylahkarine @zarriaimone @plusmodeljeannief @Presidentniki @ashannabri @preciousleexoxo @saffi_karina @ClementineDesseaux @palomaelsesser last but not least @iamtriciacampbell

Who are your top 5 designers that know how to bring that summer heat to fashion during the summertime?

1. Bra Necessities love their bra sized swimsuits 

2. Glamour Glamour Swimwear omg I designed this line

3. Monif C swimwear for being a trailblazer in the Plus size swimwear arena

4. they have lots of options for a full busted woman

5. Curvy Beach Plus size Bikinis

Outside of all of this, what is Tricia Campbell really like?

Fun, relaxed and loving however still passionate and hurry 

Thanks for bring that fearless summer heat with you and rocking with us and last words for the fans and readers?

Never give up. Your breakthrough is coming.

Tricia enjoying the beach in ALma dress GB.jpg

Good afternoon on this hot as hell day lol it is an honor to be able to chit chat with you. How are you doing today?

I'm feeling lovely. Yes, I heard NYC is super-hot right now.

Are you in NYC?  

Yes, I'm out here in NYC the belly of the beast.

You've had a diverse career from fashion design to becoming a prominent plus-size model and confidence coach. What inspired you to transition into coaching and empowering women?

Thanks for taking the time to interview me, wow I always say let go and let God. I normally follow my dreams by asking god and when he shows me and guides me I normally jump in. This is a great question, people always think once they take on a additional skill or career the world thinks you have to give up on your current work or dreams. 

To answer your question. I really saw a need in the market to help other aspiring models seasoned model's influencers and just women who also want to activate their dreams without losing one to achieve the other. Currently living the life of a full time model with over 18years of modeling experience I noticed the miss guidance, scamming and sometimes lack of knowledge new and even seasoned models face in becoming and staying a successful model scary.  There are no rules in just doing one thing.  I'm just really passionate about helping other women become Unstoppable too. It's in my blood. Being one of the great grandnieces of Marcus Garvey I can't help but to live in my purpose of empowering others too.

As a fit model for major brands like Victoria's Secret and Target, could you share some insights into the technical aspects of your role and how it contributes to the fashion industry?

Sure, being a Technical Fit Model Expert is one of my deepest passions. Because it blends my two loves. 1 fashion 2 modeling. Modeling as a FIT MODEL for Victoria Secret as one of their first plus size full busted models was a trailblazing moment. Cause we all know that VS did not go pass a size 38DD/40DD for a long time.  While fitting with the VS tech team they enjoyed my technical knowledge of a larger body type.  My technical skills of garment construction which helped make their garment corrections faster for their production turn arounds. 

When I got the call from Target to become one of their standard approved fit models. OMG it was a dream come true, I thank that designer/tech designer who recommended me to target. What a ANGEL. I forever thank and honor her. The Target team really loves to build their activewear, sleepwear, loungewear, lingerie and swim on true full figured and full busted live models. I just love how the Target Team really listens to their Fit Models opinion and makes the necessary changes to make their guest/customers look and feel amazing in Target designs.  A Fashion Fit Model is a perfect sample size model that companies or designers try their fit samples on to see the proper fit . Then if corrections are needed the factories along with the pattern makers will make the necessary changes before the garment goes to mass production then hit the stores. A Fit Model's job is very valuable and important to a companies reputation, fit and bottom line. Which makes the fashion industry move forward with high level profit and sales everyday. 

TRICIA IN GGSW & AM LOVE looking back pose Nicole lebris.jpg

Photography by Nicole Lebris

tricia smile in yellow day dress nicole lebris.jpg

Photography by Nicole Lebris

Tricia In International Diva JONES.jpg

Photography by Rick Jones  @rjonesphotography  

All swimsuits modeled in these photos are all from Tricia 's swimwear line. "Glamour Glamour Swimwear"

 @glamourglamour_swimwear . Glamour Glamour Swimwear

Photography by Gerard Bingham  @gobingham2


Campaign Virgin Voyages 

Photographer Kathy Boos 

Stylist :JR 

Hair and Makeup: Autumn Suna Rich

Location of Billboard Madrid Spain 

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